Online Examination System-PHP Project with Source Code and Report

Online Examination System eases the process of examination
for examiners and appearing candidates.


Security Features:
  • Detection of examination window change and reporting to examiner.
  • Immune to XSS(Cross Scripting) attacks.
  • Secure validation of Form data.
  • Developed in PHP.
  • Use of PDO (PHP Data Objects) for database connectivity (latest standard for PHP Database Connectivity).
  • Technologies used:- PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JQueryUI, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) scheme.
  • Instant Results.
  • One account for all examinations.
  • Any time result cancellation of candidate's result support for examiner.
  • Question bank support for examinations.
  • Re-usability of question banks in examinations.
  • Candidates assessment information.

Price: ₹800
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